Sand boxes

If you are considering to buy sand boxes for loose materials we can offer to you sand boxes with volumes of 190 l, 300 l, 130 l, 250 l, 450 l, 700 l or 1100 l. Sand boxes are easy to clean. They are suitable for various types of loose materials.

Sand boxes

Snow and ice on sidewalks, roads and paths is not only annoying but also dangerous and it is necessary to protect these places. For this purpose grit is used. Sand boxes for loose material are made from fiberglass. Nice aesthetic with laminated labels and customized colours are of course normal. Possibility of applying metallic element for fixing of sand box at place.

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Product overview

Model 130 l
Volume0,13 m3
Heigth0,6 m
Dimensions0,83 x 0,63 m
Weigth12 kg
Model 250 l
Volume0,25 m3
Heigth0,7 m
Dimensions0,92 x 0,77 m
Weigth19 kg
Model 450 l
Volume0,45 m3
Heigth0,7 m
Dimensions1,35 x 0,77 m
Weigth26 kg
Model 700 l
Volume0,70 m3
Heigth0,67 m
Dimensions1,12 x 0,92 m
Opening height31 kg
Model 190 l
Volume0,19 m3
Heigth0,53 m
Dimensions1,04 x 0,67 m
Weigth18 kg
Model 300 l
Volume0,30 m3
Heigth0,53 m
Dimensions1,54 x 0,67 m
Weigth24 kg
Model 1100 l
Volume1,10 m3
Heigth1,15 m
Dimensions1,24 x 1,06 m
Weigth55 kg
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