Production facility

The company REFLEX Zlín is located in the newly built manufacturing facility on the outskirts of the city district Zlín – Lužkovice near the industrial zone. This new completely modern production facility is a result of rehabilitation of former disused farm buildings.

This project has been carried out with support of Czech Ministry for Industry & Trade budget and the EU Structural Funds. During few months the whole area has been rebuilt for the company purposes. A condition for obtaining the grant was preservation of the former buildings and their reconstruction. From the previously neglected and dilapidated buildings arose gradually nice factory and offices with high-standard facilities.

Thermal equipment (incinerator)

Using of the polyester resins and gelcoats leads after opening of the cans and following chemical initiating reactions to releasing of organic substances of styrene into the working-place environment. Acetone is used only for cleaning of hand tools, but it releases organic substances into the air too.

Drilling and grinding of the hardened polyester adds also a certain percentage of organic substances into the air. Therefore, the working place is permanently exhausted and the air mass containing organic compounds is conducted into thermal equipment (incinerator) for emission reduction. The equipment decomposes hydrocarbons contained in air mass at a temperature of 840°C to the primary elements. The German technology was acquired for 10 million Czech crowns with the support of the Ministry of the Environment. Refilling air into the laminating workshop is provided by air handling units. The system is configured to be under pressure to prevent fugitive emissions.

The whole process is described in detail and approved. The air from the thermal plant and also from the dispatch store is measured on the total VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emissions each year and chemical and smell substances are measured as well. The results of these measurements that meet the strict limits are reported to the state authorities. The company complies in full with the conditions defined by the law.

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