Water slides

Reflex Zlín is producer of wide range parts for water slides and it is manufacturing the widest range of own designed types of water slides in the Czech Republic. The experience and professionalism in the field of manufacturing of water slides is demonstrated, for example by the contract from 2013 for the water park AQUALAND MORAVIA with seven types of slides and the contract from 2003 for the amusement park Tatralandia with twelve types of attractions.

Safety slides

Each type of slides is closely tested by the Institute for testing and certification – ITC Zlín according to EN – 1069 which guarantees maximum quality, durability and safety of produced water slides.

Open slides

Water slides for summer season. They are used in open natural ponds and swimming pools, but it can also be installed inside in indoor pools.

Tubular slides

Another type is tubular slides – water track for year-round use. Possibility to increase the attractiveness of the passage by „black hole” , „water curtain” or „video effects”.

Combined water slides

A combination of both types of water slides – open slides and tubular slides.


Kamikaze is a high speed slide which can reach up to 100% of the slope that means 45°. Water track of this type toboggan can be open or tubular.

Water slides for rafting

Finally, we produce also slides for water tracks designed for rafting. It is possible to use for driving pads, air-cushions or rafts. The track allows you to change the slope and can be interrupted by small lake.


Delivery of water slides and toboggans

Production of toboggans for Therme Park Velké Losiny in the Czech republic.
One of the last supplies of water-slides was done for Spa Velké Losiny in 2015.

Delivery of toboggans and water-slides to Aquapark Moravia in the Czech Republic.
Most modern and largest aquatic center in the Czech Republic is the water park AQUALAND MORAVIA Pasohlávky near Mikulov. The complex offers among other things 7 types of attractions produced by Reflex Zlín in 2013.

Delivery of toboggans and water-slides to Aquapark Tatralandia in Slovakia.
One of that examples is the aquatic centre waterpark Tatralandia in Liptovský Mikuláš  in Slovakia. The complex offers among others twelve types of attractions produced by REFLEX Zlín in 2003.

Delivery of toboggans and water-slides to Aquapark Senec in Slovakia.
Another similar complex is a water park in Senec, which has attractive undulating jet slides, which was also manufactured and supplied by the company REFLEX Zlín.

Delivery of toboggan and water-slides for swimming pool in Zlín in the Czech Republic.