Opening types

It is important to select the right container depending on the kind of waste it is intended for. For glass container, you can choose from three types of openings according to the diameter: rubber flaps have a diameter of 18 cm and 23 cm, 17 cm has so-called TÜV flap. Containers for glass can also be equipped with an opening for sheet glass.

Containers for plastic and paper mostly have openings 43×10 cm, 46×16 cm, 38×16 cm and more. It depends also on the type of the container. Some customers also want to enlarge openings If possible. For square types of containers we use “BIO” and “Electro” where the dimensions are 40×40 cm and 52×42 cm. For round containers the largest possible opening is 45×45 cm.

Containers for municipal waste are mostly supplied with semi-circular opening with the diameter 45×45 cm. Some openings can also be provided with a locking system.