Underground containers in Holešov

A major reconstruction of the brewery complex in Holešov was planned at the end of 2017. The vast space full of dilapidated buildings was to be reopened to the people.

The reconstruction is completed now and beautiful complex with new apartments, shops and also modern hotel with restaurant (Pánský pivovar – https://www.pivovarholesov.cz/ ). As part of this reconstruction, new underground containers CITY Q from our company REFLEX Zlín were built in this area. There were 7 pcs of underground containers CITY Q (6pcs CITY Q-5m3 and 1pccs CITY Q-3m3).

These underground containers are with light grey metal top columns with an 80-liter stainless steel drum for waste. The top columns are fixed and the hinges for handling equipment are located under the top cover of the column.